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Accepting applications, game due to open October 1st.
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If anybody's still reading this journal (lol doubtful) it has now been re-purposed for a new game. That game is still under development: watch this space for more information.

Hips is being partially rebooted for this game, as a result. She is being taken from approximately the beginning of 2008, after her marriage to Ramon but prior to having her kids. (Separation anxiety from Ramon is one thing; losing her kids to dimension jumping BS would break her.)

Further: Hips will not have her "special" Plaga in this reboot. She will, however, still retain her nanobots and healing factor.

I am excite.
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Happy birthday to me.

Birthdays in this household are going to be hard when Sammy gets older. All these presents all around the same time of year. Goodness.

...Also, my chest measurement is outrageous. 38 E. THIRTY EIGHT E. I've gone up two cups. Ridiculous.
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Samuel Miguel Salazar

Born November 1st, 2008 at 5:57 PM.

12 lbs 9 oz. 22 inches long. (That must come from my side of the family, curse my large genes.)

We're both fine, he just decided he was anxious to get out here and organize his room better. Didn't like what I'd done with it at all.

Ramon's fine too, if a bit...nervous. (Apparently, the man who has superhuman strength and reflexes is afraid of dropping the baby.)

I'm friggin' exhausted, and have barely slept a wink in the last four days. But it's so so so very worth it. I am so happy I'm about to pop.

Pictures later. :3
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Bleh. I don't feel good.
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One more month.

One more month.

I can make it one more month.

I don't think I mentioned this here, either. I've been bed-ridden for the last two months. Bed rest, is the polite way of putting it. Lazy sow is the not-so-polite way. Pre-eclampsia is a bitch. I'm doing everything I can to keep my blood pressure down, but it's just barely working. So, here I stay.

Samuel Miguel Salazar, you'd better arrive on time young man or I'm going to be right put out.

...He's not even born yet and already I do the "mom uses all three names as a scare tactic" thing. Awesome.
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Two hundred and four pounds. Fourteen stone.

.104 tons.

I can't move. I can't bloody move. I hate this. I can't even get up to go to the loo without getting winded. My arms are like summer sausages. I'm fat again. I can't stand this, I just can't.

I am never having a baby again ever. EVER.
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Can't sleep, hot and uncomfortable. Hormones.

I really miss smoking and drinking. :/
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Yup, still pregnant. Just in case anybody was wondering.

Sorry for the radio silence, but I haven't really had much to say. Days are going by pretty quickly. Living in a castle, raising critters, dealing with live-in demons, and all sorts of things that can be categorized under 'et cetera.'

It's kinda nice, really. I never thought I'd be satisfied with a stay-at-home life, but I am.

Although I will admit I miss my friends.

I should have a baby shower.
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There's so much smegging free food in the Nexus, recently.

This is not helping me keep my weight optimal, guys. So stop it. No more free food, as decreed by her Royal Highness, Castellan Señora Salazar. Those who disobey will be flogged.

Also, right about now I'd kill for a gallon of hot and sour soup. Goddamn that sounds GOOD. Ramon, why aren't there any Chinese delivery places by your castle? This is an oversight that must be remedied. Okay, sure, the Ganados didn't ever crave mu shu pork, but this is just silly.
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Still dunnow if it's a boy or girl.
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I've gained twenty pounds.

Twenty pounds.

I'm only four months along! This is horrible and not normal! I have not been eating junk, crap or McDonald's! I've been sticking to a very specific, high protein mid-level carb diet, and still I have gained twenty pounds. I go jogging. (Okay, I can't weightlift anymore but that's not a weight-loss thing.) I've even started doing baby yoga.

Twenty pounds.

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Smegging hell, I am SO pregnant. And it's not even a full four months yet. You should see my gut, man, I look like my Uncle Frank after a seventeen course meal of donuts and beer. FATTY FATTY FAT FAT FATTY.

I'm sorely tempted to start spilling horrible personal and intimate details about it, too. Just to watch you all squirm. But then I think, ohgawd, someday my son might read this and AUGH.

Okay, problem solved, I'll never teach the sprog to read. HUZZAH.

...I'm going to be the worst mother ever.
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Mario (Why not just have Luigi and be done?)
David (Dav-EED?)
Luis (Absolutely not.)
Manuel (Man-WELL, for pronunciation.)
Alejandro - Alexander ???
Tito (And his brothers Michael, Jermaine and Marlon.)
Samuel (Samuel Salazar? Sammy Salazar? Sounds silly. Maybe.)
Ramon Jr.? (Hee.)

Amy. I still like Amy.
No S names if she's a girl. No Sarah Salazar.
Spanish names? Isobellita? Isobella?


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