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Name:Hippolyta Hollister
Birthdate:Nov 26
Hippolyta Hollister, creature of the Nexus. Born in the year 2279, died in the year 2301, born again three million years later because of a cleaning mech's rogue nanobots. (Don't ask, if you value your sanity.) Born in Detroit, worked in outer space, died in a radiation leak, and currently lives in an old-school European castle.

Two sons. Widow. Kinda slutty. Big boobs. Any other character traits are purely the result of a writer with delusions of grandeur.

Red Dwarf is property of Grant Naylor productions and used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended, due to Fair Use. No money is made from the use of Red Dwarf and its indicia. Hippolyta Hollister is an original character from the Red Dwarf universe. Her PB is Karolina Kurkova, a retired model.
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